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Thursday, November 5, 2009
President Mel Zelaya is ready to step aside as interim President, and allow the Tegucigalpa-San Jose Accord address the question of his reinstatement up to Congress...Hondurans are set to go the polls Nov. 29 to choose Zelaya’s successor, but most foreign governments have said they will not recognize the process as legitimate unless the deposed head of state is reinstated beforehand.

The Organization of American States ( OAS ) has been effective as a mediator in this crisis that affects many nations in Latin America.

Two members of Russian National Unity have been arrested in connection with the deaths of Mr. Markelov, and Ms. Baburova last January. The RNU is a a paramilitary organization founded in 1990 by Aleksandr Barkashov, their lawyers claim the two are innocent.

Solidarity is an dissadent organization, a political movement and a cry for justice in what remains of the old USSR. Garry Kasparov and other political activists use words to battle guns. With elections looming in Russia, it will be interesting to see which strategy is more effective.

Near Cyprus
Israeli Navy commandoes captured a ship loaded with "hundreds of tons" of weapons headed for Syria.

This is the largest seizure of arms in Israel's history. Some believe it to be just a 'tip of the iceberg'.