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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

El Paso, Texas
Violence is pushing Mexicans to take refuge in Texas, using laser visa ( border crossing visas ) to live. The laser visas are issued for 30 day visits with strict 25 mile limitations. More than 2,000 Mexican murders have been recorded so far in 2009, the victims mostly being involved in drug traffic, organized crime or police enforcement. Many Mexicans who live in Cuidad Juarez have relatives who are US citizens and live in El Paso, just across the border.

Shabtai von Kalmanovic was gunned down in gang-land fashion, while in traffic. After spending several years in an Israeli prison as a convicted spy , the Lithuanian immigrant earned a fortune in the construction business, and fame as an investor in Women's Basketball. He was 60 years old.

An epidemic is sweeping across the Ukraine. Is it Swine Flu? H1N1? Or, something more sinister? Mainstream News is not saying that it is not a plague.