Cruising Near the St Louis Arch

Sunday, April 11, 2010
Here is something I found to be very, very interesting. This is an embed of a Google Maps Street View. It is a special embed, that is interactive. That is to say you can control the view of the camera that took this image ( actually, it was a 360 movie image taken by a very special Google Van ).

Go ahead, left click and hold your cursor on the image and then move your cursor from right to left, up or down. See the little + and - symbol? That controls the zoom of the image. But that's not all folks, you can actually follow the path of the Google Van as it drove the streets of St Louis Mo. ( USA ).

When you hover your cursor over the image, you'll see the path of the vehicle displayed as a super-imposed yellow line ( about eye level from the ground ). Double click forward of the vehicle's position, and a small circle will appear, and the vehicle will move ( not really, but you'll catch on quick ).

Have fun!  

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