Untitled Rant

Monday, August 3, 2009
Take a look at the photo to the left, I'm the old guy with the white hat. The other guy is a kid I work with at a very large noodle factory. I'm posting this pic to establish a context for anything else I might post on this blog.

Neither of us in an expert at anything. Both of us work very hard for very little. Either of us could go on the inter-net and establish ourselves as leading authorities on just about anything. Really.

Patrick ( the kid ) isn't even interested in the inter-net. It's not in the least bit relevent to his life. I'm curious and active on-line, but go there to 'get' more than I 'give'. Does the kid seem close-minded, or stupid? He's neither. Do I sound selfish? I don't think so.

What Pat and I have in common is the sure knowledge that neither one of us have the answers to the world's problems. Nor do we have the time or energy to solve those problems! It takes all kinds of people to make such a large world; leaders, doctors, planners and builders, cops and lawyers and all those other folks that believe they have at least a small part of the solution to the world's ills. But it takes a lot more of us ( the little people ), than it does of them ( the experts ).

So I will break from my policy of not meddling with other folks affairs today. I have some advice for all of those experts that seem to be having so much problems with the world's economic crisis, global warming, wars and conflicts, etc.;

Get a job! If you can't seem to find one that requires a suit and tie, do like Pat and I. Find some hand tools ( perhaps a shovel or a hammer ), and start walking down the street or highway. People will notice you ( trust me ), and some of them will actually pay you for work.

I never thought I'd say that! But, I've never heard ( or read ) so much griping about how the world has gone to hell. I do my share of griping, and so does Pat. But we do it in the break-room of a factory where we put little noodles in little boxes. We work for two hours, then we bitch about the world for fifteen minutes. We work for an hour and fortyfive minutes, and then we bitch for half an hour. Work for an hour and a half, and then we bitch for fifteen more minutes. We work for an hour or so, clean up our work area and then go home.

We tell our wives that we weren't able to solve the world's problems but all things considered, the bills are getting paid. And then once a week we hand her our paychecks, and she bitches for the rest the day at the high price of living.

And then she comes home, and rests. At peace with the world, because she knows there are more people like Pat and I than there are experts.