I Can't Support Obama's Super Bowl Policy

Sunday, February 1, 2009
The Honeymoon is over. The scales have been lifted from my eyes. Barry has feet of clay, and now it's obvious to me and the rest of the world. Pittsburgh?

What can that man be thinking?

I'm gonna watch the game, and try not to think the disappointment I feel.

I hope Arizona's defense forces at least five turn-overs, and Kurt Warner throw's for at least five touch-downs. It could happen.

Barry's not so smart...


reading_is_dangerous said...

Obama could already be put on trial for war crimes, given the continuous murdering of innocent Afghan civilians. His silence was ugly, when men dressed in military uniforms massacred children in Gaza.

There is worse: It's the creation of more dept which will turn more Americans into slaves of the bankers.

Don't look at the money! It's created out of thin air. Look at the dept, which has to be repaid with sweat and blood!


Wallace said...

R_I_D, I really can't blame Barry for the events in Gaza. George W may very well be charged, but I doubt if he would be convicted.

There are thousands upon thousands of young men heading to Asia, with uniforms and guns. As tragic as the events in Gaza are, that conflict is but an exercise. The Afgans and the Pakis will soon face their own tragedies.

And what then? Will that be the end of a steady march across Southern Asia? Or will Central Asia be the next objective? I see no end to this 'war on terrorism'.

But yes, the west also marches steadily into debt, and it is the little man that will pay dearly for all these grand adventures. And the children will suffer the most.

reading_is_dangerous said...

//I really can't blame Barry for the events in Gaza.//

Yes. I blame him for his silence.

//I see no end to this 'war on terrorism'.//

It's designed like that. Endless war. And if public support was to falter, a new 9/11 or 7/7 or even just a few rockets would probably suffice to enlist a new generation of fearful citizens. It's actually a racket.

War is a racket.