Five Presidents of the United States reveal America's most precious asset

Wednesday, January 7, 2009
The ex-President's Club.

I can think of no nation in the world where an incoming President has so much experience to draw on. 

President-elect Obama's Transition Team has been working closely with President Bush's staff to ensure a 'seem-less transition' from one administration to the next. From all indications, they have ( so far ) been succesful.

The recent election enjoyed a larger audience than any previous election. The world has no doubt been watching, and judging the transition. This photo, and others like it will impact that judgement greatly.

The Old World has two weeks to take advantage of this transition. Make the best of it, because The New World is becoming new again, and again and again...

p.s. North America has enjoyed more than fourteen decades of peace. Europe has enjoyed six. Africa and Asia? Maybe if they learned to make the transition of power a peaceful process, then they would be able to display photos like this for their Grand-children to see.