The World is Watching - Obama

Friday, December 5, 2008
Throughout the recent Presidential Election in the US, I was continually amazed at the attention that the foreign press, and even foreign governments were showing in the race. When Obama won the election, it didn't seem like the attention diminished, it seems like it developed and grew.

Many have concluded that Obama's success was primarily the result of his focus on the inter-net as a tool to reach the young voters of America. In the process, Obama seems to have reached out and embraced a larger world. This 'inclusion' is a first, there has been no ascent to power witnessed by so many, from so far. 

Obama transformed his election team into a transition team, and his much heralded inter-net blog into a platform for change. It has been reported widely that the out-going President Bush provided support for the transition team by allowing nearly one hundred of his top administration leaders to work with Obama's staff to facilitate a smooth, seamless transition. A transition made easier still by the retention of several of Bush's team leaders.

Obama's Administration is taking form, and much to the surprise of the pundits and the press, he has selected many of his top administrators and Cabinet Members from the center/right wing of government. Obama's political talents have been compared to that of a fiddle player, that is he holds the instrument ( liberals that brought him to power ) in his left hand, and plays ( employs the skills of conservatives ) with his right hand.

What holds this team together? It's more than just the charisma of their new boss, it is a well thought out agenda. I'm wondering if the world is ready for such transparency in politics. But, if you're interested, here are a few links that detail Obama's policy agenda.
Let me know if you have any questions, I'll give my readers a year to wade through all this...stuff!