Are We Ready to Impeach Obama?

Wednesday, November 5, 2008
Every President in living memory ( excepting Jimmy Carter ) has suffered the burden of a 'special prosecutor' investigating some aspect or another of their administration, and also the possibility of impeachment. Several have actually been impeached, and one has resigned directly as a result of zealous and thorough investigative reporting.

Barak Obama is sure to suffer the same indignity, so I've decided to get an early start at tracking any and all efforts by journalists, bloggers and pundits who will inevitably ply their talents in this modern form of black drama ( no pun intended ).

I will publish this post, ping it with Google's fine tool and then begin the search via Google Search. The tracking will be done automatically via Google's fine rss Reader. I will update this post with a link to those search results. They will be published by 'sharing' ( a Google Reader function, available to all Google Reader users ) in chronological order, most recent posts at the top.

To view the drama, simply click on this question;

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