St. Louis - Gateway to the west

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

800px-St. Louis on the Mississippi Jefferson National Expansion - Daniel Schwen - GNU Free Documentation license

The arch of St. Louis, Gate-way to the west. A most appropriate symbol for the American Empire.

The Mississippi, a modern Rubicon. The die was cast many years ago, while Europe's Aristocracy pondered their belly-buttons. From these wharfs a flotilla was launched against rebellion. From this city, a ribbon of rails was laid to connect the seas, and establish dominion over a continent. Through this portal commerce bloomed in a Capitalistic Eden.

The seat of power is here, in the Heart-land of America. Those pioneers knew full well geography, their position in world affairs, as well as Providence. Dominion is, and always has been the objective.

Don't be fooled, by the slender profile of the arch, it is concrete wrapped in steel. Flexible strength to weather any storm, any tremor of the ground and even lightning from heaven. It is Pride incarnate.

Let Europe and Asia know the truth, they will be split up the middle, and sold as salvage. There treasures will pass under this arch as tribute, and their posterity will be pilgrims in it's shadow ( a small fee will be acceptable ) if they persist in their folly.

For too long, the Empire has been slandered, and assaulted. When the election is done ( and no other election has been so widely and eagerly witnessed ) sovereignty and law will join hands with dignity and justice under this monument dedicated to a great people.

Three score and three years of peace have been enjoyed in St. Louis, as well as all the Capital Cities of Europe as direct result of Manifest Destiny. Don't give credit to any other. Thank God for your Liberty, and fear the Empire for if you descend again into the hell of war the only peace you will know will be a long rest with your ancestors.

Today, the President of the United States of America is touring a war torn world. This may very well be an opportunity to negotiate a lasting peace. He, like his father is a son of pioneers. He means what he says, and he says what he means. Like the Gate-way Arch in St. Louis, he is concrete, wrapped in steel. Flexible, strong, and proud.

Consider this post a challenge, and show me your leader. Is he a winner? Is he honorable? Has he brought you peace, or prosperity? Show me your Gate-way City. I want to see your arch.


reading_is_dangerous said...

I wonder if a bird could fly up there to the top of the Gate-Wway to sit there, and laugh.

I suppose that a Tesla-like instrument made with a simple spoon and an oscillator could take the whole thing down easily.

//Consider this post a challenge, and show me your leader. Is he a winner? Is he honorable? Has he brought you peace, or prosperity?//

My leader is Time itself. Time always wins. Time brings peace to all, and the stars of prosperity. :-)